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WinnDevelopment Completes Nation's Largest Deep-Energy Retrofit WinnDevelopment Completes Nation's Largest Deep-Energy Retrofit

WinnDevelopment and Castle Square Tenant Organization receive LEED-Platinum certification for Castle Square Apartments after doing the largest deep-energy retrofit of an affordable housing community in the nation. Read more

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How the Foreign-Buyer Market Reawakened South Florida

With more than 80 proposed condominium projects in the early planning stages in South Florida, it’s hard to believe that developers learned anything from their mistakes during the recessionary years. Read more

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Condo Developers Start Again, With Some Tough Lessons Learned

The condominium market is slowly starting to build, but developers are being much more careful in how they assess the demand. Read more

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Top 10 Cities With Best Job Growth, Post-Recession

Which cities are experiencing the best bouts of post-recession job growth? Some of these may surprise you. Read more

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Walkable, Sustainable Communities Lure Renters

By creating a walkable environment, developers can attract more renters in urban markets. Read more

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