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Anything Else Is Not Ideal Anything Else Is Not Ideal

IN 1988, AFTER NEARLY 20 SUCCESSFUL years in real estate and home building, Gene McKown went belly-up, a victim of an economic slide in the Southwest brought on by collapsing oil prices. Two decades later, the 62-year-old McKown—in partnership with co-owners a generation younger—not only has recovered from that setback but also can lay claim to being Oklahoma City's largest and most innovative builder. Read more

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The Only Game In Town The Only Game In Town

SOME BUILDERS VIEW CLUSTERED housing as a way to keep prices down. The Green Co., building on Cape Cod and in the Boston suburbs for more than 50 years, sees it as the best way to create environmentally conscious communities that can lure people from the detached homes they love. Read more

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Charlotte's Force of Nature Charlotte's Force of Nature

In the 1920s, John Crosland Sr. struggled to build a thriving real estate and lumber business in Charlotte, N.C., only to lose it all—as millions did—in the Great Depression. But perhaps most painful for him was losing his own house and having to depend on his mother to shelter his young family. Read more

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Eastern Shipping Routes Eastern Shipping Routes

American suppliers are fixing their sights on China, where a housing boom is driving demand. Read more

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Material Impact

Taking a cue from the manufacturing world, builders are beginning to view “Made in China” as a formula for curbing costs and bolstering supply. Read more

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