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Stable House & Courtyard Stable House & Courtyard

THE DOMINANT VISUAL element of the arrival court at this Hudson Valley farmhouse is a barn-board-clad tower, which serves as an entry point and links the main wing of the house to the guest quarters. The entry under the tower is like a breezeway with big barn doors on each side. Inside, it's finished off to resemble a tack room—a space that's well suited for gearing up for the outdoor pursuits that the active, environmentally aware owners enjoy. Read more

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Cherry Street Garage Cherry Street Garage

WHO SAYS A GARAGE can't be both practical and gorgeous? That's certainly the case with this two-story, 1,152-square-foot, two-car garage that repeats many of the details of the main house. Attached to the side elevation is a shed roof appendage that contains the entrance and serves as the base for a whimsical tower, which is home to a winding stair that provides access to a full second floor. It's downright splendid. Read more

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2909 2909

BOASTING SOME OF THE most beautiful and well-maintained bungalows of the late 19th century is Washington's Cleveland Park neighborhood. Its residential streets are distinguished by that most significant Craftsman icon: the front porch. But that certainly wasn't the case with No. 2909. Read more

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The Oxford House The Oxford House

WHEN IT COMES TO the adaptive reuse of churches, especially those with historic easements, one thing really matters: windows. Just ask architect Jai Singh Khalsa, whose firm has been repurposing churches and other institutional buildings since 1980. “We're currently doing a number of buildings that belong to the archdiocese [of Boston],” says Khalsa. “Every church is a little different. The window pattern in old Catholic churches isn't as good for conversion. You need to put more holes in the building.” Read more

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Just Right Just Right

Who says compact can't be terrific? With its comforting front porch and shingled dormers, Plan 2 at Acacia looks like something from the set of “Leave It to Beaver.” Cute as it is, though, there's nothing retro about this 2,866-square-foot home, designed by Dahlin Group and part of a collection of four family-friendly architectural styles (Craftsman, traditional, Mission, and cottage) at Mountain House, an ambitious 5,000-acre project that's exploding just 60 miles east of San Francisco. This alley-loaded sentimental favorite, built by Centex Homes and expertly sited on a modest 4,500-square-foot lot, is as modern as they come. Read more

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