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From the President: A Great Year

The NAHB scored some significant successes in 2003 in a productive and exciting year. Read more

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From the President: Legacy Builders From the President: Legacy Builders

Home builders should be proud of their contributions this year to both the U.S. economy and the stability their product creates. Read more

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It's Show Time! It's Show Time!

By Kent Conine. Mark Jan. 19-22, 2004, on your calendar, and start packing your bags and planning what you're going to see and do during the upcoming International Builders' Show (IBS). The highlight of a day of special programs showcasing the use of technology in new homes, Immelt's keynote address will focus on the state of technology, its likely evolution over the next few years, and how builders can best take advantage of these developments. Read more

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From the President: A Fair Hearing From the President: A Fair Hearing

Thanks to a major push by the NAHB, home builders are finally getting their day in court and prevailing on issues that have major repercussions for the cost of housing. Nobody wants to become embroiled in a lawsuit if they can help it. But there are times when legal action is the only remedy, and unfortunately, lawsuits are the only language that many government regulators and bureaucrats understand. Read more

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From the President: Building for Tomorrow From the President: Building for Tomorrow

Few things in contemporary America are more contentious than the question of how to fund new infrastructure and improvements to existing infrastructure. To help identify innovative ways of meeting the infrastructure needs of the growing U.S. population, the NAHB's new report--"Building for Tomorrow: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions"--focuses on several promising alternatives being explored by communities around the country. Read more

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