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Starts: TOUSA in Trouble Starts: TOUSA in Trouble

Also Inside: Meet Big Builder's 2007 APEX Award winners. / Treasury Secretary Paulson takes on the subprime crisis. / A look at two recent, precedent-setting Lennar land deals. Read more

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Big Picture: Start Making Sense Big Picture: Start Making Sense

In his 1933 inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." At that time, our country lingered in the depths of the Great Depression. I have been reminded of those words a lot lately. For example, I was talking to executives at a bank that had just been visited by federal finance officials. The bank execs were struggling with the fact that they were being told their portfolio of performing interest-only residential loans had to be converted into five-year amortizing loans. The Feds are concerned about the viability of the loans and therefore want them paid back. Read more

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