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Debate Over Redevelopment Agencies’ Survival Heats Up In California

Gov. Brown wants to funnel property taxes more directly to communities and to stave off cuts in school funding. Read more

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Breaking News: Brown Family Communities Shuts Down

The BUILDER 100 firm delivered 522 homes in 2007. Read more

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With Bailout Uncertain, Builders Share Ideas for Fixing Housing, Economy

Arizona builder: 'What we need is a dramatic program to reduce foreclosures and keep people in their homes.' Read more

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One Door Closes, Another Opens One Door Closes, Another Opens

For most people, losing one's job can seem like the end of the world. To be discarded after spending years in dedicated service to a company can be extremely demoralizing. And the job market can be a very uninviting place for those in their late 40s or early 50s. Read more

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Coverage Crisis Coverage Crisis

Well, at least we're not alone. Lest builders think this industry is the only one getting hammered in the liability insurance crisis (and it is officially a crisis now), premiums, retentions (or deductibles), and exclusions are up, and limits are down, regardless of the field. Read more

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