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The Problem With Waste Reduction

Founder of cradle-to-cradle movement challenges some widely held green beliefs and forecasts a post-industrial revolution Read more

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Web Tools Support Green Project Planning

Green Building Initiative puts helpful planning resources at builders' fingertips Read more

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Chatham Square Chatham Square

ALEXANDRIA, VA.'S OLD Town, with its historic architecture, quaint gardens, and European-styled streets, boasts some of the most coveted real estate just outside Washington. So when the city proposed the transformation of a crumbling, 100-unit public housing project into a mixed-income neighborhood spanning two urban blocks, stakeholders came out of the colonial woodwork to voice concerns about parking congestion, aesthetic preservation, and the potential displacement of low-income residents. Read more

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Enter The Façade Police

CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS IN Columbia, Ill., are weighing a proposal that would require the exteriors of all new single-family homes built in Monroe County to be 75 percent clad in brick or stone. A vote is expected some time this month. The ordinance was introduced to “prevent Columbia from becoming a sea of vinyl ... ,” one alderman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Read more

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