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Feature: Show Me The Love

What do customers want? The answer, always vital, takes on an urgent edge in a down market burdened by too much inventory and too few buyers. Oddly, at least a substantial part of the answer may rest in a good night's sleep. Immediately after September 11, the hospitality industry was in a period of deep “retrenchment,” says Rob Rush, president and CEO, LRA Worldwide, a customer experience management consulting firm. Business and leisure travelers were staying home in droves and occupancy rates plummeted. Read more

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When The Going Gets Normal When The Going Gets Normal

It may mean down for most, but an elite few still consider up to be their only option. Read more

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Big Bids Strong Suits Big Bids Strong Suits

Home building royalty's relative few, the industry's seeming breeder-reactors of cash production, stayed sharp on their empire-building game in 2005. Read more

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“Your Brand Here” “Your Brand Here”

A STRONG BRAND IS PURE MARKETING gold, the El Dorado of business today. But achieving that objective Read more

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Street Lights

EVERYBODY'S GOT A STORY, IT SEEMS. THE nation's public home builders, large and small investors who bet on the residential construction market and its players, and the Wall Street equity analysts who cover the sector, all have a yarn. What's more, each has enormous stakes in a tale that goes happily ever after. Read more

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