George Casey

George Casey

George Casey is an experienced senior leader, change agent, consultant, and thinker with broad experience in home building and community development. He is currently the CEO of Stockbridge Associates, LLC, a consultancy focused on enabling strategic and operational improvements for builders and developers.

He has served as a Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Division President, and consultant to management teams, investors, and analysts in the residential industry.

George is the author of articles on trends in the industry; is a frequent speaker at industry conferences; and author of the book "Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze: The Valuable Habit of Learning from Your Business Experiences."

George Casey's Posts

On the Road Again With George Casey On the Road Again With George Casey

Innewvation-innoldvation: one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. Read more

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Labor Pain and Labor Gain Labor Pain and Labor Gain

The new innovation imperative restocks working for one of the construction trades with a career full of value. Read more

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Single-Family For-Rent's Next Steps Single-Family For-Rent's Next Steps

Simple Man questions--from housing sage George Casey--on how single-family for-sale builders might take residential real estate's new kid on the block more seriously... or else. Read more

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The Art of the Donald The Art of the Donald

Presidential primary politics as a real estate development deal? Read more

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The New-Old Humpty Dumpty The New-Old Humpty Dumpty

Here are 10 trends likely to come amidst a full-circle return to housing finance and economics like it was before homeownership became a policy priority. Read more

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