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Sidestep Skyrocketing Land Costs Sidestep Skyrocketing Land Costs

Older, established enclaves and outer-ring suburbs offer affordable land in locations that appeal to new buyers. Read more

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Rural and Walkable Rural and Walkable

Sales are “substantially higher” in this neighborhood than in non-connected communities. Read more

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Classic Bones, New Skin for Victorian Farm House Classic Bones, New Skin for Victorian Farm House

Designer and builder Ed Binkley shows how a traditional farm house massing paired with contemporary faÁade details will snag buyers of all generations. Read more

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Big-Box Houses Sell Big-Box Houses Sell

In some markets builders are attracting buyers with mansion-sized homes at cottage-size prices. Read more

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Same Façade, New Floor Plan Same Façade, New Floor Plan

Elevation still golden, but the interiors are stale? Consider a plan makeover within the confines of the existing footprint. Read more

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