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Change and Challenge

If I had to choose just a couple of words to characterize the housing environment in 2006, they would be “change” and “challenge.” Read more

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Now's the Time

Suppose you had exactly one minute to turn a “looker” into a “buyer.” What would you say? Would you talk about the quality of the homes you build, the upscale amenities you offer, or the community's great location, location, location? Under normal market conditions, any of those might close the sale. Read more

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Tools for Change

THERE'S NO QUESTION THAT THE HOUSING market is winding down from the record sales and production levels of recent years. Sales and starts are down; interest rates are up; inventories of unsold homes are up; and cancellations are on the rise. Read more

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Minority Access

ONE OF THE NAHB'S MOST IMPORTANT LONG-TERM endeavors is the effort to ensure that all Americans can achieve the goal of “a decent home and a suitable living environment,” which Congress set forth in the landmark Housing Act of 1949. Read more

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A Week of Giving

IT'S NOT AN EXAGGERATION TO SAY THAT HOME builders are extraordinarily generous and caring people. In just the past five years, the housing industry has donated more than $12 million to help people rebuild their homes and their lives following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the deadly hurricanes of 2005. Read more

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