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Insure Survival

If your broker doesn't care about its business, it is simply going to get what it can get with little effort spent to make certain [the policy cost] is the best price out there." Read more

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Toxic Awards

Recent court settlements on mold lawsuits.$32.1 million awarded late last year to a Texas family by an Austin court for a case involving extensive mold damage.$1.5 million awarded to Texas homeowners for mold-related damages. Read more

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Messing With Texas

By Daniel Walker Guido. Texas is implementing a power deregulation plan that state officials claim will not cause the same rolling blackouts or political and economic chaos California suffered last summer after deregulating its electric utilities.Consumer advocates are worried, because they believe residential customers will end up paying higher power bills as prices fluctuate due to deregulation. Some claim that Texas, like California, has failed to ensure that the state will not suffer from electricity shortages as demand increases. Read more

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It's Another Tequila Sunrise It's Another Tequila Sunrise

Having survived the Mexican peso devaluation and the subsequent "Tequila Crisis" when the Mexican economy collapsed in 1994, Pulte Corp., one of the largest American home builders, is not too concerned that its new Argentina adventure will sour."We believe there is a chance, however, to increase market share and employ low-cost sales and marketing practices to build the Pulte brand name in the area." Read more

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Housing Hope

Northern Virginia home buyers with imperfect credit or limited savings will be able to apply for financing to become first-time home buyers under a new Hope International home buying program. The Northern Virginia BIA will work with Hope to encourage borrowers to use the program. Read more

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