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Capital Games Capital Games

Two creditable housing industry analysts tell BIG BUILDER that they expect companies in the home building industry to increase dividends modestly this year. Read more

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The Bear in Winter The Bear in Winter

Short interest as a percent of shares outstanding for many top builders was well above 5 percent in early February, a high number relative to other industry sectors, reflecting the belief of some investors that builder stocks will fall. Read more

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Insurance D-I-Y Style

The current storm in the insurance market can cost big builders big bucks. But some who knew that bad weather was coming protected themselves by setting up their own captive insurance companies. Read more

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First in the Futures Game

As dramatic ups and downs characterize financial markets' behavior these days, single stock futures (SSFs) have bubbled up as a way for opportunistic investors to play for tactical gains in a volatile environment. Read more

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Consolidation Is the Tune

According to a list of the largest holders of home builder stocks making the rounds in the industry (dated Oct. 5, 2004), the top 10 investors hold a combined $12 billion in home builder stocks. Read more

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