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Play It Safe Play It Safe

Creating a place of safety in any home can be as low-cost and low-tech as using rolls of plastic sheeting and duct tape to temporarily seal a room. Jennifer Grover, spokesperson for the Portland Cement Association, says many people in places like Oklahoma where tornadoes often threaten are building safe room additions to their homes. Read more

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Single File

In February, BUILDER blew the cover off our first-ever national Internet-based survey on Generation X. This month, in part two of our three-part series, we zero in on the amazing 44 percent of respondents who are not married.Alone, paired, or alone again, a surprising number of Gen-Xers, aged 25 to 34, are not married. Builder's survey results tell Kipnis that Gen-Xers are "techno-savvy, fearless, impatient, and environmentally aware." Read more

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Stealth Cities

Fanni Mae has discovered 53 stealth cities rapidly growing under the radar. Read more

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