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Stonington House Stonington House

THE STONE WALLS OF medieval hill towns were built to protect residents from intruders and the wilds of nature, but on this home site they metaphorically serve the opposite purpose: to defend the natural landscape against the intrusion of buildings. Surrounded by seven acres of protected wetlands, the house and it's accompanying buildings sit on the site's highest point, the only sliver that was buildable. Architect Peter Twombly conceived it as a miniature “town,” separating the building for living and sleeping from the garage and barn. Read more

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Residential Project of the Year Award Residential Project of the Year Award

With scores of contenders vying for the title, winning a project of the year distinction is no small feat. The judges chose this thoughtfully executed neighborhood because it offers the entire package—good site plan, diverse floor plans, interesting use of materials, and relationship with its environment. Read more

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