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Installing Satisfaction

Conventional wisdom has it that "customer care" is the most important driver of home buyer satisfaction. Everything else, supposedly, pales in comparison.The important action step for builders is to make sure they identify what items are most important to their customers and then have the systems in place to convey that each reflects high quality installation workmanship. Read more

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Show Time: Orientation Walk-Through

The final orientation walk-through is the "show me the money" occasion for the home buyer. After months of requiring the buyer to fill out too many documents, make too many decisions, prepare for too many cut-off dates, attend too many meetings, and -- finally -- pack too many boxes, the orientation provides an opportunity for the builder to demonstrate just how good his company really is. Read more

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Ultimate Advocate: The Sales Experience

What sells a buyer on signing a contract -- or on considering that builder for his or her next home -- begins and often ends with the experience buyers have with a builder's sales representative.Buyers' ratings and comments on satisfaction surveys repeatedly confirm that buyers perceive a world of difference between a good sales person and a great sales person. A new industry study, however, suggests that what builders believe even great sales people should focus on is often out of alignment with what buyers say is most important to them -- and in fact, what drives their decision to make a referral. Read more

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One Year Later: The Homeowners' Perspective

While the perception of "initial quality" was the strongest contributor to the home buyer's referral decision, the clear path to homeowner satisfaction and referrals is paved with only one type of stone: customer care. Read more

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Moving In: Home Readiness

According to a new study from Eliant and the University of Redlands (Calif.), home readiness has 60 percent more impact on buyer loyalty than the impression buyers take away from the sales process, and twice as much as the initial customer care process that occurs right after move-in. Read more

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