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Special Issue Report: Defining Moments

It ranks up there among the true highlight-reel moments in life. A first kiss. Passing the diver's license test. Graduation day. The first day on a new job. A wedding day. The birth of a first child. News of that first child's plans to marry. The first day in a new home. While you might view the instant your customer takes on homeownership as the culmination of a cycle of sustained efforts, your buyer feels as if the process is only just beginning. To bridge this gap in perception between you and your customer, you must pay extra attention to the finer details of a customer's first experiences in a new home. After all, this will turn out to be the most important value you can provide. Read more

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Special Issue Report: Smarter Money

What gets a person really anxious? How about spending more money on a single purchase than he or she will likely earn over the next seven or eight years? How about having to provide detailed documentation, showing the address of every home one's lived in since college and every job one's held, including the salary ranges, length of service, and names and addresses of home offices and bosses? And what if we said this information was due, say, by tomorrow at 5 p.m.? Read more

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Come Again

During the first month or two, the willingness of new buyers to refer their friends to their builder is primarily driven by their evaluation of the home's initial "work manship and installation" quality, and their experience during the purchase process. Read more

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Special Delivery Special Delivery

While the builder is looking to wrap up, the buyer is still in the middle of the ride; his or her dream has yet to be completed. Read more

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Site Inspection Site Inspection

Of all the phases of home buying, the walkthrough is the part where buyers say they feel they have the least understanding and control. Read more

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