Ben Sage

Ben Sage

Ben Sage, Director of Metrostudy’s Mid-Atlantic Region, has been researching and analyzing housing markets since 1994, when he first joined Metrostudy. His career at Metrostudy began in Chicago before moving to Houston, Phoenix, and eventually the Washington DC/Baltimore area. He has prepared hundreds of market studies for nearly every type of residential development, as well as retail studies. He regularly meets and consults with many of the top homebuilders in the country along with lenders, developers, investors, and utilities concerning trends in the local economy and their effect on the real estate market. Ben is a regular contributor to housing industry publications, and he is an active member of the local homebuilder associations. He has also been a resource for national publications such as Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal, and he is a frequent guest speaker at industry events. Finally, he is a graduate of Baylor University and the past president of the Arizona Economic Roundtable. Metrostudy

Ben Sage's Posts

Strong Resales Push Back New Home Starts in Northern Virginia Strong Resales Push Back New Home Starts in Northern Virginia

The widening spread between new and existing home prices has been strengthening the resale market, and weighing down new home starts in Northern Virginia. Read more

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A Lukewarm Summer for Demand A Lukewarm Summer for Demand

Metrostudy regional directors gauge June demand levels for new homes, and new home building lots in 35 markets across the country. Read more

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