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Wired Suppliers

Trying to choose tech suppliers in the builder market is a lot like deciding what paint color looks best in the kitchen. Read more

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The Wired Pitch

Velotta lives in Brambleton, a 2,000-acre master planned development in Northern Virginia that provides its residents with fiber-to-the-home Internet access, video/cable service, Category 5 wiring in each house, and community intranet. Adams says they hired The Broadband Group, a consulting firm that helps builders weed through technology options, to help narrow down their choices. Wiring communities is an expertise that few builders or developers possess, says Tom Reiman, consultant and owner of The Broadband Group. Read more

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Advice from the Trenches

Both experts and builders had plenty of advice on what to do -- and what not to do -- when conducting market research. "Builders also make the mistake of not adjusting absorption levels to fit where prices have gone," says Deborah Rosenstein, of Rosenstein Research Associates Inc. Read more

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Dream Catchers Dream Catchers

If you're not sure whether market research is a wise investment, just ask Tony Green, managing partner of the Pinehills development in Plymouth, Mass. "Market research was at the heart of choosing a different path for us," Green says. The result was a 1.3 million square-foot village center, 3,000 homes, and four golf courses in an area whose main problem was not demand, but supply. Read more

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