By Jill Ralph. Bringing home builders and home buyers together is just part of Insperience Studio. The 12,000 square foot facility in Atlanta -- built by Whirlpool and Kitchen-Aid -- offers a hands-on approach to testing kitchen and laundry room appliances. Insperience Studio serves as a destination for consumers to meet with their builders, designers, architects, families, and friends to discuss, test, and decide what appliances and home designs best suit their needs. Whirlpool is calling Insperience Studio a flagship, noting that its success will affect the possibility of studio expansion into other markets.

Grant Deady, Whirlpool spokesman, points out that the studio showcases both products and home design. "The products are live," and every kitchen and laundry room setting has its own design, says Grant. "Whirlpool built this as a tool for builders," he says. "It's really a laboratory to learn how to better serve builders, architects, and home buyers."

Published in BIG BUILDER Magazine, January 2003