By REMODELING Magazine Staff. Time management isn't about how much time you have. After all, we all have the same amount -- 24 hours a day. What's important is how productive that time is. How do remodelers make the most of their available hours? We asked our readers. For many remodelers, time management is a juggling act. Sales, design, production, estimating -- some readers handle all those jobs on their own. Not surprisingly, many of the remodelers we surveyed say they're spread pretty thin. They wish they could concentrate more time on the areas of the business they're best at.

"More employee help" ranks first on our readers' time-saving wish list: 33% say they'd have more flexibility if they could delegate more to their employees, hire new employees, or find better employees to replace those they have. Only 15% of those surveyed say better planning and organization would free up their time. A few lucky readers report they have all the time they need.

What wastes the most time day to day? We asked but found little consensus. Telephone interruptions rob the most time from 15% of those surveyed; 13% say procrastination and indecision are their greatest time thieves; and 11% say they waste the most time doing tasks they should have delegated.