By Iris Richmond. Six of the top 10 largest home builders are using a new method of termite treatment that, they say, cuts cycle time. The mineral-based product, called Bora-Care, is sprayed on wood during the dried-in phase of construction. The 10 builders were surveyed by All Cylinders, an independent research consultant company based in Birmingham, Ala.

"By switching to the borate treatment, we're actually saving a day's work on each home we build," says Beazer's Charles Watson, purchasing vice president in the company's Charleston, S.C., division, which started using the product just over a year ago. "Before, if we were planning to pour concrete at 7:30 in the morning, we had to get a soil treatment done by noon the day before and hope that it didn't rain. We've cut our costs in half, and we haven't had a single infestation. When you are building 500 to 600 homes, those savings are significant."

For roughly the same cost as a traditional soil treatment, the method gives builders a two-week window to work with when arranging for termite protection. Patented product developer and manufacturer Nisus Corp., in Rockford, Tenn., says because borates derive from minerals instead of the chemicals used in soil treatments, crews aren't required to leave the work site during its application. (Visit for more details.)

Published in BIG BUILDER Magazine, August 2002