By Stephani L. Miller. Mold has always been with us, flourishing on the nutrients provided by such cellulose-based materials as wood. But the organism's recent celebrity via the media and high-profile lawsuits has lent particular urgency to the home improvement industry's search for solutions to the problem of mold and mildew growth. Recent innovations in gypsum technology may help.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum's two new patented gypsum wallboard products, DensArmor Interior Guard and DensArmor Plus Interior Guard, combine the company's patented glass-mat "Dens" technology with a noncombustible core reinforced with inorganic glass fibers. Inorganic materials inhibit the growth of mold and mildew by withholding food (cellulose) from mold spores. The glass mat protects walls from incidental moisture intrusion. Both DensArmor Interior Guard products are intended for general wall applications as well as for commonly wet areas and shaft wall applications.