By Christina B. Farnsworth. For the graphic designer and photographer who own it, capturing light was the key design element of this minimalist 3,500-square-foot custom home and workplace. Walls float 1-inch off the floor to give a sense of movement and vitality. Sliding panels separate the dining room--which can double as a conference center--from the study/home office. The home is otherwise carefully zoned into public and private spaces, clearly separate in use and function. If the couple wishes, family can enter and leave from a separate entrance, by-passing the more business-oriented spaces.

Photo: Skolos/Wedell

Non-traditional materials and a contemporary, industrial-style design create a unique setting for combining work and family life. Translucent Kalwall-paned windows and clerestories illuminate without harshness and maintain privacy. Anodized aluminum activates the light. Industrial-style windows contribute to the home's contemporary feeling and also the sense that this is an artist's work environment. The studio and living room tilt slightly in the plan to better balance site topography, view, and privacy.

Category: Custom Home, over 3,500 square feet; Entrant/Architect: Mark Hutker and Associates Architects, Vineyard Haven, Mass.; Builder: Brownlow Associates, Barrington, R.I.; Landscape Architect: Garden Arts, Boston; Interior Designer: Skolos/Wedell, Canton, Mass.