By Matthew Power Designed for seniors in need of various levels of daily assistance, this 87,911-square-foot rental project brings in about $2,895 per month in rent for each of its 142 units. If you do the math, that's $411,090, before operating expenses.

Divided into sections based on the nature of care needed, service provided in the three-story structure ranges from skilled nursing care for Alzheimer's patients to assisted living rooms. The interior includes many large common areas, which are shared by tenants.

The Spanish-influenced exterior courtyards, with their detailed elevations, plaster wall surfaces, and precast concrete trim, have the feel of a genuine living place where people can stroll and relax. Congregating the kitchens, laundry, and other services into communal areas saved hard construction costs, with fewer appliances to purchase and less wiring and plumbing to run. Without kitchen space, even assisted units could be smaller, allowing space for more rental rooms.

Category: Assisted living; Entrant/Architect/Land Planner: Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, Santa Monica, Calif.; Builder: Camco Pacific, Newport Beach, Calif.; Developer: Marriott International, Newport Beach; Landscape Architect: HRP LanDesign, Santa Ana, Calif.; Interior Designer: Marriott International, Bethesda, Md.

Photo: Michael D. Arden Photography

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