By Matthew Power The Don Evans architectural style has become as much a fixture of the cultural landscape of Florida as golf and greyhound racing.

This exclusive 4,593-square-foot private lodge, built for an undisclosed price on land that cost an undisclosed amount, evokes images of Disney-style imagineering, complete with its stuffed fish, dramatically upholstered furnishings, and endless yards of lavish draperies.

Set on a largely undeveloped barrier island, the development team had to address many environmental concerns. To keep cars off the island, for example, they built a "shore station" parking lot on the mainland, where residents can take a private ferry to their waiting electric cars on the island. Or they can fly in to a helipad from the airport.

Architect Don Evans added another level to the original lodge built in the 1930s. His goal: to offer 10 owners of 10 exclusive lots on this 60-acre parcel "the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and luxury." That meant outdoor verandas and large, opulent, wood-paneled entertaining areas inside.

Photo: Taylor Architectural Photography

Category: Community recreation building or clubhouse; Entrant/Architect: The Evans Group, Orlando, Fla.; Builder: Continental Construction, Naples, Fla.; Developer: Shannon Development, Naples; Land Planner/Landscape Architect: Russell P. Bencaz & Associates, Naples; Interior Designer: Simonsen-Hickok Interiors of Naples, Naples

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