By Nigel F. Maynard.

2002 Walk-Through

Circle numbers--you see them every month in our pages at the end of every product blurb and at the bottom of every ad. You may have even circled a few on our reader service cards and sent them in. But have you ever wondered if in this age of electronic everything people actually take the time to circle the numbers, fill out the card, drop it in the mail, and wait for the information to pour in like manna from heaven? The answer is yes, and quite a few people at that.

Though a home theater system tops this year's list of most popular products among readers sending in reader service cards, our records indicate that four of the top 10 product hits were flooring products. Here, then, are the top 10 products that readers wanted to learn more about this year.

Open Wide

The Wide Open wood I-beam joist from Georgia-Pacific features three pre-cut holes--two 11 3/4-inch round and one 11 3/4 inch by 16-inch obround--per piece for ductwork and pipe. It is equipped with a 2 1/2-inch-wide solid lumber flange and the company's FiberStrong OSB web. Georgia-Pacific. 800-284-5347.

Panel Member

The 2-foot-square Driflor moisture-blocking basement panels rang up big-time hits. Featured in May, the panels consist of dimpled, heavy-duty polyethylene plastic laminated to OSB, which is impregnated with water-resistant resins and wax. Supra Floors. 866-374-3567.

Stow It

Photo: James Wilson

This Schulte closet system from the January issue had readers begging for more, perhaps because good closet spaces are a huge hit with home buyers. This custom product includes the FreedomRail system and Activity Organizers. It is fully flexible and can be reconfigured for a new look by adjusting the shelves and rods. Schulte. 513-489-9300. Magic Moments

Photo: James Wilson

Featured in the January issue, the Owens Corning Visionaire FX package stole readers' attention. The system takes the guesswork out of a home theater system by bundling all the electronics, acoustic paneling, lighting, and furniture into one package. It includes brand-name components, different price levels, and fast and easy installation. Owens Corning. 800-438-7465. Bamboo Groove

Bamboo flooring piqued the curiosity of many a construction pro. The flooring is harder than oak and more dimensionally stable than maple, but it is also environmentally friendly so your conscience can take a break. It is available in 5/8-inch-thick vertical grain or flat grain, tongue-and-groove strips measuring almost 4 inches wide and 36, 48, and 74 inches long. TimberGrass. 800-929-6333.

Walk the Plank

Photo: Courtesy Wilsonart

The manufacturer says this flooring is the first twin tongue-and-groove, glueless laminate flooring in the world. Available in eight wood-grain planks, the flooring features the company's Tap-N-Lock technology to ensure a secure fit. Wilsonart. 800-710-8846. Wire Service

Reader service requests can come from ads as well as editorial coverage. In this case, an ad in the May issue for structured wiring generated a flood of inquiries. Manufactured by Greyfox Systems, the Trio seeks to make structured wiring affordable, with phone and video distribution starting at $100. Greyfox Systems. 877-473-9369.

Coconut Creation

This coconut flooring garnered interest from our readers who were curious about how palm can be turned into flooring. Made from 100 percent recycled coconut palm, DuraPalm is harder than rock maple, the manufacturer says, and ranges in color from dark to medium-red mahogany. It comes finished or unfinished in 3-inch-by-72-inch, tongue-and-groove planks. Smith amp; Fong. 650-872-1184.

Photo: Courtesy Alabama Metal Industries

Bunker Down Secura Room provides an extra level of precaution for homeowners who want to protect their expensive computer equipment from thieves. The product consists of a wire mesh that's fastened to the studs before they're covered with drywall. It also includes steel plates designed to reinforce wood and steel doors. Alabama Metal Industries. 205-787-2611.

Storage Sense

Photo: James Wilson

This cabinet product was designed using Organomics, a concept that blends ergonomics and organization for a functional and efficient room. The Amera Spencer Point Maple and Leland Park cherry cabinets have utility rollout racks and trays. The company also offers a full line of accessories and components. Merillat Industries.