To those of you who know me, this will come as no surprise: I have an opinion. As of tomorrow, I'll have an official place to unleash it. Since March, "Digital Dirt" has appeared regularly as an article in our online newsletter in a format that's a hybrid of news and analysis. I've rounded up stories from local news outlets on who's buying, who's selling, who's capitalizing and who's making market news. When appropriate, I've supplemented the news with insight, analysis, and opinion from discussions with the industry. On July 1, Digital Dirt becomes my blogspace on Big Builder Online and an official place to discuss the story behind the stories. I'm always appreciative of the insight and perspectives you send me via email. And now, I'm also hoping to engage you in discussion and debate in an open forum. Be warned: you'll need to create a username and password. And due to the structure of the IT platform, there are limitations to the number or characters you can use in your comments. So feel free to chime in or sound off -- but (and, believe me when I tell you I hate to say this) you'll have to be brief. Feel free to continue to email me at But be sure to check back on Big Builder Online tomorrow for the launch of the blogsite. As always, there is a lot to talk about.