Documents in the palm of your hand. By BUILDER Magazine Staff

Will builders pay for the ability to send and receive faxes from their PDAs? Southampton, N.Y.-based Rovenet is betting they will. Rovenet builds applications that let wireless handheld devices talk with other systems. The company's most recent product is a subscription service that can turn any Palm or Handspring device with a wireless Internet connection into a miniature fax machine.

Now you can use your handheld to send and receive faxes.

Courtesy Rovenet

According to Rovenet's Chuck Schwartz, subscribers get a number that routes faxes to the handheld (or to a traditional fax machine), letting them view faxes right on the screen. Subscribers also may store standardized documents--change orders, purchase orders, and more--on a remote Web server, retrieve them at will, fill in the blanks, then send them on the fly from the handheld. "Look at it as an online file cabinet," says Schwartz.

The service can be set up for individual or multiple users. (Schwartz says they have already signed up some Dallas-based production builders.) The cost is $10 per month and 75 cents per send. Right now, it requires Palm OS, but the company eventually wants to support other RIM pagers and Pocket PC devices.