By Iris Richmond. Joshua Hills community, a 9,000-acre development in the Coachella Valley, Calif., will be the biggest the burgeoning Inland Empire area has ever seen. California Intelligent Communities (CIC), headquartered in Palm Springs, wants to galvanize the valley and create a model, self-contained environment where one can do it all: learn, work, and play.

Residents of the planned 7,000 housing units will have 12 championship, 18-hole golf courses to play on, three upper-crust hotels to choose from, and schools to attend, including the World Trade Center University, an international campus for post-graduate work concerning nonprofit and non-political affiliates. Other features will be a convention center, a retail village, and technology center.

Lending expertise to the project are top planning and environmental firms, EDSA, one of the leading architectural firms, and EDAW, a San Francisco-based consulting firm that focuses on environmental studies and urban design. As the name of the community suggests, Joshua Tree National Park borders the project. Dedications of mile-wide biological corridors in perpetuity are currently being worked out.

Construction should commence early in 2004, offering a wide price range of homes and continue into 2012. CIC plans to bring in big builders, though none have been chosen yet.

BIG BUILDER Magazine, April 2002