By Christina B. Farnsworth. Why it worked: Traditional neighborhood infill development puts homes and shopping within walking distance of workplaces in an area where congested commutes are common.

  • Rivermark partners--Centex, Greystone (part of the Lennar family), and Shea--build small pods of homes in six neighborhoods creating great streetscape variety.

  • Architectural variations include Craftsman-inspired single-family homes, detached cottages, and townhomes that reflect San Francisco's Marina district--and even some townhomes reminiscent of Washington's historic Georgetown area.

  • Fully wired for the information age.

  • High tech attracts techies: Brochures include CDs with architects' computer-graphic fly-through.

  • Rivermark includes affordable housing: Santa Clara Housing Authority will build 110 senior housing units, 100 family homes, and 15 homes for people with developmental disabilities. The Emergency Housing Consortium will build more than 50 homes for use as temporary housing for the homeless. Project Credits:

    Project: Rivermark, Santa Clara, Calif.; Sales started: May 2002; Sales through July 2002: 65; Units planned: 2,750; Price: $400,000 to $800,000 plus; Unit size: 1,400 to 3,000 square feet; Builders: Rivermark Partnership (joint venture of Centex Homes, Greystone, Shea Homes), Santa Clara, Calif., (affordable housing being built separately through governmental agencies); Architect/Land planner: The Dahlin Group, San Ramon, Calif.; Landscape architect: Nuvis, Costa Mesa, Calif.