By Christina B. Farnsworth. Since September 30, the latest HGTV (House and Garden Television) program, "Public Places, Private Spaces," has been airing Monday nights.

It shares the channel with such programs as the NAHB's "Dream Builders," "This Old House Classics," "Old Homes Restores," and a variety of specials dedicated to building. Each HGTV program has space on its Web site, too.

The Web site includes program schedules and helpful advice suitable for both consumers and professionals. allows viewers to drill deeper. What did that room really look like? Where did the furniture come from? How do I reach the designer featured? What color was used, and where can I get it?

"Public Places, Private Spaces," takes building professionals to school. Awesome hotel lobby design, beautiful restaurants, gardens, and private homes are all on tour with their designers. Luminaries like Philippe Starck, Richard Meier, and Michael Graves show viewers through their projects and teach viewers just how they did it.

In Graves' episode, he explains why a stair tower in a house he designed was shaped as a rotunda and how he chose materials and colors. Viewers can visit the Web site to find the manufacturer and color and every other detail needed to actually do what they watched.