By Gary Garczynski. The NAHB has moved and redesigned its Web site, now at, and it is definitely worth a look. If you're in the home building business, a planner or regulator, or a housing consumer (I think that covers just about everyone!), then you can't afford to miss this great revamped Web site.

Ten years ago, the Internet as a commercial tool was in its infancy--most people had never even heard of it. Today, the Internet is not only a household word, it's a commonplace household feature. That's why the NAHB has made it a priority to create and maintain a state-of-the-art Internet presence for the home building industry and housing consumers.

Out front

The NAHB was out ahead of the pack when it launched its initial Web site in January 1996. Indeed, the original Web site has been a great source of news and information for home builders and consumers, providing information about topics as diverse as smart growth, housing economics, and consumer concerns.

To keep pace with the rapidly changing demands and technologies, the NAHB has put an outstanding Web team in place to develop and maintain its site on a full-time basis, and it has recently re-engineered the site with a great new design and lots more functionality.

New and improved

The NAHB selected Fry Multimedia of Ann Arbor, Mich., to design and develop the site. Fry helped the NAHB enhance its Web-site brand, improve the site architecture, develop an extensive content management system, and lay a scalable foundation for future Web offerings. As part of the re-engineering process, Wirthlin Worldwide, an opinion and strategic consulting firm, also conducted brand strategy and Web analysis research.

Consumer source

The rejuvenated Web site offers robust content, dynamic functionality, and intuitive navigation to take up-to-the-minute home building and remodeling information to the public, including a section specifically "For Consumers" that helps home buyers:

  • Decide where to live and find the right builder to meet their needs;

  • Properly care for their home, to protect their investment, and ensure a safe and comfortable living environment;

  • Evaluate financing options, calculate payments, and access a checklist for closing and settlement;

  • Choose the right remodeler for a project and learn to cope with the renovation process;

  • Learn how builders advocate a smart-growth strategy that meets the need for affordable housing while preserving our environment;

  • Understand more about the home building process through education programs designed for students of all levels; and

  • Access television programming that highlights innovations in home building and creative solutions to remodeling. All the news

    Consumers, members, and the media also have access to the NAHB newsroom for breaking industry news and economic research, which includes industry forecasts, the NAHB's Housing Market Index, surveys on consumer preferences, and much more.

    In short, is a great resource for anyone interested in housing issues. I hope you'll visit the site soon to see how it can help you--and go back to visit often as the NAHB upgrades and expands the site to make it an even more valuable and useful resource.