Members-only guide helps builders understand and implement development changes. By Gary Garczynski

Mere days after the close of the 2002 International Builders' Show (IBS), the American Planning Association (APA) released its long-awaited "Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook"--the first new set of guidelines for planning and growth in more than 50 years. It is likely to have a profound influence on growth and development throughout the nation for decades to come. More than any other document, it will shape our nation's built environment as lawmakers from coast to coast consider and, in many cases, adopt its land use and development recommendations.

Smart vanguard

To many, the contents of this landmark document were a revelation. To NAHB members who attended IBS, who have a particular interest in smart growth, or who regularly visit our members-only Web site (, the provisions of the APA "Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook" were old news. In fact, NAHB members at the vanguard of promoting smart growth and development were already assessing the guidebook's provisions--both good and bad--and determining how best to deal with them.

The NAHB had already introduced its own detailed book, Builders' Guide to the APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook, during IBS. It took a team of housing industry experts and NAHB staff members months of 12-hour days to compile the Builders' Guide and have it ready prior to the publication of APA's legislative guidebook--and it was worth every minute of their effort.

Photo: John Hansel

Comprehensive tool

We want members to have the most comprehensive tool possible to help them in meeting the challenges presented by these new guidelines, and we have succeeded even beyond our own high expectations. The NAHB has produced a landmark publication that we believe will be of enormous value to our members--and only to our members.

Members only

The Builders' Guide to the APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook isn't available to non-members, and it isn't going to be. It's strictly a member benefit, as it should be. The NAHB's mission is to serve its members and to make sure they have the tools they need to meet our nation's housing needs. The Builders' Guide to the APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook shows just how committed we are to that goal, and you can rest assured that we will be following up its publication with educational programs, seminars, and other collateral materials and programs to maximize its impact.