By BUILDER Magazine Staff. Want opposition to development? Propose multifamily housing. The NAHB now has the research to debunk negative myths about multifamily.

"Multifamily development is a key smart growth strategy," says Andrew Chaban, chair of NAHB Multifamily and a multifamily home builder in Lowell, Mass. "Higher-density housing, especially in infill locations, expands housing options and allows people to live near transportation, jobs, and entertainment amenities."

Multifamily Myths

The NAHB uses U.S. Census Bureau data to debunk negative myths.

Myth: Hurts nearby property values.

Fact: Increases single-family property values (3.9 percent for areas with multifamily vs. 3.6 percent for areas without).

Myth: Overcrowds schools.

Fact: Has fewer children than single-family (26.7 per 100 households vs. 62.4 per 100 households).

Myth: Creates traffic problems.

Fact: Lessons traffic with fewer cars and more public transportation use.

Myth: Houses only those with low-incomes.

Fact: Fastest-growing segment makes $50,000 plus yearly.