By Nina Patel. In a client meeting, remodeler Mark Scott, owner of Mark IV Builders, Bethesda, Md., and architect Paul Merrick presented their client with two traditional designs for a high-end master suite bath remodel. Then, at the end of the meeting, Merrick revealed a third, more unusual design. It included a freestanding shower in the middle of the room. The homeowner instantly fell in love with it and Scott was faced with the fun, yet challenging, task of making the concept a reality.

First, Scott had to build the towers that hid the plumbing. "It was tough to build it stiff enough to hold the heavy marble tile," he says. He framed the tower bases in wood, and he says he used so much wood they're almost solid pieces. He also reinforced the floor to hold the weight of the marble and waterproofed the entire plywood deck with 1/8-inch self-adhered rubber material.

The glass panels are attached to the towers but are basically self-supporting. Scott's crew used silicone around the base. A brass channel around the top locks all the panels together. Scott specified a whole-house fan for adequate ventilation.

The homeowners have to be careful because running all the showerheads uses 45 gallons of water a minute. They're on a well system and the first time they used their new shower, Scott says, they drained the well.

Photo: Greg Hadley