Are Americans finally catching on that bigger isn't better when it comes to square footage? The Wall Street Journal seems to think so. Rather than spend time away from work to enjoy the finer things in life, Americans are little to no happier despite an sharp increase in the standard of living as they spend more time working to afford the big ticket items they purchase in a misguided pursuit of happiness. For that story and more, check out Big Builder's bi-weekly blog roundup.

The housing downturn claims its most recent victim: cosmetic surgery. While Southern California was once home to a culture where artificial physical enhancements were as common as dental checkups, declining equity has many neglecting their botox treatments in favor of a balanced budget, according to Dr. Housing Bubble.

Just as declines in home builder stocks signaled how bad the market was going to get last summer, Seeking Alpha suspects that recent rallies from K. Hovnanian and Toll Brothers could be symptomatic of an impending improvement in the broad market.

Despite price slashing across the state, Florida's real estate market remains fairly stagnant in the face of prohibitive costs associated with real estate taxes combined with restrictive lending standards, according to The Housing Bubble.

Some reassuring words of wisdom from John Burns Real Estate Consulting--in cartoon form--courtesy of BusinessWeek's Hot Property.

Forget throwing in everything but the kitchen sink--are today's desperate buyers throwing in the family pooch to make a sale? Inman News has some surprising answers.