By Christina B. Farnsworth. Davidsonville, Md.-based Newport Partners provides analytical and technical services to its clients in both the manufacturing and public sectors. The new firm has a private sector contract to provide technical and market research support to a client interested in introducing an innovative building technology into residential construction. In the public arena, Newport Partners is on board with HUD. It is conducting a broad range of technical activities in support of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing program, including technology road mapping, development and introduction of quality processes in residential construction, and focused activities supporting the improvement of housing durability.

The founding partners' credentials are impeccable. Managing partner Liza Bowles is former president of the NAHB Research Center, where she worked for nearly 20 years.

Setting sail with Bowles are Larry Zarker, Mark Nowak, and David Dacquisto, all senior partners at Newport Partners. Each served at the NAHB Research Center for more than a decade as vice president in the areas of marketing, contract research, and technology, respectively.

Though its first clients are in the building industry, the firm, says Bowles, is also interested in information technology clients.