2014 Marvin Hall of Fame Awards

2014 Marvin Hall of Fame Awards

These three pioneering architects are changing the way we build homes, apartments, and communities read more >

Video: Tour of a Beautiful Northern California Home

Video: Tour of a Beautiful Northern California Home

Architect Neal Schwartz offers surprising ideas about materials and his... read more >

Have We Met?

Have We Met?

Amy Albert, Editor, Custom Home & Senior Editor, Builder read more >

Latest Metrostudy Data

Latest Metrostudy Data

Where are the top markets for end-user demand? read more >

Products: High Sierra Showerheads

Products: High Sierra Showerheads

New nozzle technology keeps water usage low and shower quality high. read more >

From Our Development Section:

From Our Development Section:

A look at Perkins Lane, a new infill development in downtown Baton Rouge. read more >



Exclusive updates, data, and takeaways on funding, private placements,... read more >

The Pulse

September 22, 2014
  1. The 21st Century Hardhat
  2. Housing's Trillion Dollar Question
  3. Where's Housing's Biggest Investment Opportunity? And Biggest Risk?
  4. The Unleavable Culture
  5. Ready? Get Zeta, Go! It's Modular Time in Sacramento
  6. WALL STREET JOURNAL The Airbnb-Ready Home
  7. Hack Hit to Home Depot Is Not What it Was to Target
  8. Credit Face-Off: Banks Curb FHA Lending Amid Threat of New Liabilities

The Builder Business

Arc of Recovery: America's Fastest Growing Metro Economies

Boulder beats all—at least when it comes to economic growth. Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows continuing signs of growth across the nation. NerdWallet analyst Shreekar Jasthi dove further into population, employment and income statistics to find the parts of the country that seem to be rising the fastest. NerdWallet analyzed data from over 500 of the largest American cities and to find the ones with the highest overall growth rates between 2009 and 2013.

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These Are The 10 Safest Small Towns In America

Looking for small-town spirit along with small-town safety? Movoto research analyst Laura Allan ID's 10 places that have exactly what people who are looking for safe streets want.

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College Football’s Most and Least Expensive Towns

Cheering for your alma mater can be an expensive hobby — especially for those who attended some of America’s most football-crazed schools. Here are ways to save.

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Portland's Got Too Much of a Good Thing: Talent

New York Times staffer Claire Cain Miller reports that Portland has been able to attract and retain young college-educated people at the second-highest rate in the nation. (Louisville, Ky., is No. 1.) Only problem is, many of them don't work and don't want to.

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Big Builder

2014's Best and Worst Places to Retire 2014's Best and Worst Places to Retire

WalletHub research analyst Richie Bernardo and his team analyzed the 150 largest... Read more

Tags: Business
Cardinal Sins of Training

Time is precious--yours and your associates'. Forrest Performance Group principal Jason Forrest offers critical tactical insight on what every manager should do--and, importantly, not do--to get the most out of one-to-one training meetings with associates. Read more

14 New-Home Design Trends for 2014

Demographics and socioeconomic factors play a large role in determining housing’s current new-home design trends. Read more

Tags: Design
Home Buyer Wants Vs. NeedsHome Buyer Wants Vs. Needs

New-home design's most notable trends of 2014 are aimed at what buyers want. Read more

Beyond the Lot LineBeyond the Lot Line

As builders leverage the value of amenity-rich master planned communities, a... Read more

Is the McMansion on its Way Out?Is the McMansion on its Way Out?

As single-family homes get bigger, tomorrow's buyers seem to prefer efficiency and... Read more

Victim or Survivor?Victim or Survivor?

As encouraging as some of the housing recovery's signs are, visibility into what's... Read more

Simple Does It

A special supplement of Big Builder focuses on market demand of discretionary buyers' "wants" versus a wider population of would-be home buyers' "needs." Read more

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